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All items shown on this page are currently in-house and available for you to audition!


Amplifiers Audio Research

Audio Research DSi200DSi200 Integrated Stereo Amplifier from Audio Research delivers 200 WPC continuously into an 8-ohm load, 400+ WPC dynamically into 8 ohms, and 800+ dynamically into 4 ohms. In the real world, this allows the DSi200 to control large, power-hungry speakers with remarkable ease. All this is generated with almost no heat from a moderately sized enclosure - the DSi200 has earned an Energy Star rating. The DSi200 is not a typical switching amplifier with a switching power supply, and it doesn't sound like one – it will surprise you with its musical purity, low noise floor, uncanny resolution and startling dynamics.


VS115VS115 Vacuum Tube Stereo Power Amplifier from Audio Research revisits the classic look of the VS110 with its open architecture and natural anodized top plate – now more ventilated for better heat dissipation. Drawing upon the successful REF110 input stage design, the VS115 uses a FET input with two 6H30 triodes in each channel for gain and as a cathode follower-driver for the 6550C-equipped output stage. This allows both balanced and single-ended connections in a true differential topology yielding a much wider power bandwidth (110kHz in contrast to 40kHz for the VS110). There is a new power transformer, and power output from the four matched pair of 6650C output tubes is 120WPC, providing excellent drive and control. Bias test points for each output tube are located on the rear panel, along with a 12V trigger which allows remote turn-on. A heavy 20-amp IEC detachable cord conducts the A.C. supply.


Audio Research REF150REF150 from Audio Research is a breakthrough in stereo power amplification. Replacing the REF110—which was one of the most respected modern stereo amplifiers—was a daunting task, but it has been accomplished. The REF150 offers more power, greater dynamic thrust, a more vivid and resolved presentation, greater finesse, and quieter operation. It is the new benchmark.


Amplifiers Ayre Acoustics

Ayre V-5xeV-5xe from Ayre Acoustics gives voice to music's heartbeat. Enormous power reserves liberate the full range of dynamic contrast, while the zero-feedback design flawlessly keeps time relationships intact. Fully-balanced from input to output, the V-5xe illuminates the soundstage with nuanced precision. Each musician is transported to your listening room with unrivaled vitality and vigor. Sixteen high-current output devices per channel assure absolute stability with any loudspeaker load. The Ayre V-5xe delivers the quintessence of music.


MX-R MonoblockMX-R Mono block from Ayre Acoustics. The Ayre MX-R mono amplifier takes a bold new approach to amplifier design. Its unique monocoque architecture joins the chassis and the heat sink into a single elegant structure for unparalleled mechanical integrity. The dual-transformer linear power supply effortlessly drives the most demanding loudspeakers. Exclusive EquiLock technology enhances the zero-feedback, fully-balanced circuitry for an unprecedented level of clarity and resolution.


Amplifiers LM Audio

EL34Mini 218 from LM Audio. Mini 218 EL84 Single ended integrated. Headphone output, one input. 3 watts single ended class A. Point to point wiring used throughout. 4 and 8 ohm output taps. Comes with a tube cage.


EL34LM 211IA EL34 from LM Audio. LM 211IA EL34 push pull integrated amplifier. Ultra linear and triode switchable. 15 watts per channel in triode, 32 watts per channel in ultra linear. Remote controlled, adjustable bias with built in meter. 4, 8 and 16 ohm output taps. All point to point wiring used throughout. Comes with a a tube cage.


216IALM 216IA from LM Audio. The 216IA KT88 push pull integrated amplifier. Ultra linear and triode switchable. 22 watts per channel in triode, 38 watts per channel in ultra linear. Remote controlled. Bias adjustable with built in meter. 4, 8 and 16 ohm output taps. Point to point wiring used throughout. Comes with a tube cage.


Amplifiers Musical Fidelity

REL B2AMS50 from Musical Fidelity. AMS50 The AMS50 is state-of-the-art pure Class A dual mono power amp. It has a unique double fully complimentary balanced bridge circuit. This unique circuit configuration gives extraordinary technical and sonic performance. Wide band distortion is typically below 0.005%. Frequency response is ruler flat. Load driving ability and stability margins are outstanding. Sonically the AMS50 has a sweet, clear tactile sound which takes you ever closer to the heart of the music. When the AMS50 is paired with a Primo the sonic results are jaw-dropping.


Amplifiers Nagra

Nagra PyramidPyramid Amplifier from Nagra. The NagraPMA Pyramid boasts elite characteristics: 200 W RMS of pure power under 8 Ohm, a huge bandwidth (10 Hz to 70 KHz), total harmonic distortion of less than 0.09% at full power and a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 104 dB. Its enormous dynamic stability enables it to master any type of loudspeaker. Yet these figures reflect only one aspect of the potential of the unit. The real tour de force of the PMA lies in its capacity to deliver musical emotion strikingly and serenely – without resorting to tricks, without pretension, without compromising. Reproducing the integrity of sound in all its delicacy and all its fullness.


Nagra MSAMSA Amplifier from Nagra is a stereo power amplifier giving 60 Watts per channel into an 8 Ohm load. Its physical footprint is identical to the compact Nagra range, of CDC, VPS, PL-L and PL-P. The electronic design is inspired by the PMA / PSA amplifiers. The output uses a simple pair or MOSFET transistors, a solution that allows the purest and most transparent signal. The MSA is completely symmetrical from the input to the output. To make the most of the limited surface area, the heat sink covers the entire top of the amplifier. It is machined from a solid 10 kg block of aluminum, and after machining is completed, its weight reduced to 3.5 kg! This elegant and unique solution allows the amplifier to keep a reasonable temperature even working at full power for a long time.


Nagra VPAVPA from Nagra. The VPA is a pair of mono block vacuum tube power amplifiers. Equipped with symmetrical and asymmetrical inputs, they offer a power output of 50 Watts through a pure class A output stage with no feedback. Using a pair of matched and individually selected 845 output tubes the VPA offers a clarity of sound second-to-none. Since its introduction in 1998, the VPA has set new standard for vacuum tube amplifiers, won prestigious awards and, more importantly, became a reference for a tremendous number of audiophiles all over the world.


Amplifiers Naim

NAP 250 power amplifierNAP 250 power amplifier from Naim uses a new circuit design with improved earthing arrangements, built on a very high quality, anti-resonance main audio circuit board. The NAP 250 uses the same 007 transistors that were custom-designed for the NAP 500. These outstanding components each provide up to 80 amps and 350 Watts, negating the need to use parallel pairs of transistors (which always have a negative effect on sound). Additional 007 transistors are used in the fully regulated power supply, ensuring the very best performance.


Amplifiers Quad HiFi

Quad II MonoblockQuad II Classic Mono block from Quad HiFi. A faithful reproduction of the original, the new Quad II-classic offers audiophiles the chance to recreate the spirit and atmosphere produced from one of the most famous amplifiers in audio history. The original Quad II was first launched in 1953, designed by Peter Walker. The property which set the Quad II amplifier apart from other amplifiers of the time was its output stage. It was arranged such that the cathode coupled circuit emulated the performance of triode operation, but with the size and efficiency characteristics of pentode operation. It was this breakthrough that ensured the Quad II was to remain in continuous production until 1970. Peter’s circuit, notably the design of the output transformer, has become the stuff of legend amongst electronics engineers. Studied and analysed by the finest minds in the industry, the elegance and coherence of the design is still regarded as a reference today.


Amplifiers Rega

Rega MiraMira 3 Amplifier from Rega is a high performance audio amplifier using the Improved “type 3” Rega Alpha-Encoder control system comprising of high quality loss-less relays, plus a digitally controlled analog switched resistor network volume control. The Mira 3 is housed in the Rega custom-built extruded aluminium case incorporating a high thermal efficiency heat sink. Rega has kept the same level of performance and synergy between stages as in the original Mira 2000 amplifier with a better level of functionality & controllability in the volume control user interface.


Amplifiers Shindo Laboratories

Shindo Western Electric 300B Single LimitedWestern Electric 300B Single Limited from Shindo Labs. This is the most "musical" SET amp I have ever heard. It was 1979 that Shindo produced a single ended power amplifier with 300B. Since then they've made every effort to refine this original model. Advanced circuit and selected parts result in a natural presence and dynamic sound reproduction. We recommend using very efficient loudspeakers of more than 90dB and Max input lass than 50 watt.


Apetite 6V6 Stereo Line AmplifierApetite 6V6 Stereo Line Amplifier from Shindo Laboratories is a limited edition push pull entry into the Shindo line that doesn't sacrifice the amazing qualities that only Shindo Laboratories is capable of. 15 watts per channel into 8 ohms.


Montrachet EL34 Stereo AmplifierMontrachet EL34 Stereo Amplifier from Shindo Laboratory is Shindo's highest powered stereo amplifier. Using New Old Stock Philips EL34 valves, the Montrachet produces 40 watts class A in push pull. Full bodied, warm, dynamic and detailed the Montrachet is a winner. Speakers of 86db sensitivity and higher are recommended.


Corton-Charlemagne EL34 Mono Block AmplifierCorton-Charlemagne EL34 Mono Block Amplifier from Shindo Laboratories. The Corton-Charlemagne is a 25 watt, class A, mono block design based around the EL34 valve. Designed to bring out all the glorious qualities of the famous EL34 valve. Warm, rich, detailed and full bodied with excellent resolution and extension. You'll be amazed at what can be done with the EL34 tube. Speakers of 86db sensitivity and higher are recommended.


Lafon GM70 Mono BlockLafon GM70 Mono Block from Shindo Laboratories. The highest powered single ended amplifier from Shindo Laboratory using the GM70. 20 watts of triode power into 8 ohms.


Lafon 300B Mono BlockLafon 300B Mono Block from Shindo Laboratories. Designed using Ken Shindo's thrity plus years of experience, the Lafon is an extraordinary mono block amplifier. This amplifier will truly satisfy even the most discriminating listener. Producing 8 watts single ended via 300B output tubes. Speakers of 90db sensitivity and above are recommended.


F2a Sinhonia Mono AmpF2a Sinhonia Mono Block Amplifier from Shindo Laboratories. Shindo's highest powered mono amplifier (40 watts Class A) has been in continuous production since 1985. Using the Siemens F2a power tube in class A push pull, the sound is refined, extended and coherent with a sweet midband.


Cortese Stereo AmplifierCortese Stereo Amplifier from Shindo Laboratories. The Cortese is Ken Shindo's stereo single ended amplifier. Built to bring the qualities of his legendary reference products to a wider audience. Available with either a 300B or F2a output tube. Power output is 8 watts with the 300B and 10 watts with the F2a. Compact, beautiful and built without compromise, the Cortese is a true classic in the making. Speakers of 90db sensitivity and above are recommended.


Haut Brion AmplifierHaut Brion Amplifier from Shindo Laboratories. 6L6G push pull stereo amplifier utilizing RCA output valves for 25 watts per channel. Full, rich and incisive with excellent flow and natural detail. .


Montille AmplifierMontille Amplifier from Shindo Laboratories. Producing 15 watts in class A push pull from Mullard EL84's. High end quality without the high end price tag. Hand made using point to point wiring throughout like the flagship Shindo amplifiers. Features genuine new old stock Mullard EL84 output tubes with a dual tube rectified power supply. Speakers of 87db sensititivity and higher are recommended. Compact and beautiful, the Montille sets a new benchmark in affordable ultra high performance amplification. Ken Shindo has outdone himself again!


PRE-Amplifiers Audio Research

LS-27LS-27 from Audio Research not only offers remarkable resolution, musicality and dynamic impact, it is our most flexible line-stage and able to adapt to most any situation. In terms of control options, the LS27 has selectable High / Medium / Low gain settings for each input, BAL / SE input selection, Left-Right Balance control, Invert (phase), and Stereo / Mono selection. Tube hours can be monitored, there is a Processor pass-through for home theater applications, and the display is dimmable with the option of being turned off. All of the inputs and outputs have balanced XLR and single-ended RCA connectors, including six pairs of discrete inputs, a processor (unity gain) input, a monitor loop, and two sets of main outputs. A new microprocessor controls all functions. The rear panel also includes a 12V trigger and a 15A IEC connector.


REFERENCE 5 Vacuum Tube Line-Stage PreamplifierREFERENCE 5 Vacuum Tube Line-Stage Preamplifier from Audio Research is is the latest model in a series of the finest and most successful line-stage preamplifiers ever made. From the REF1 to the REF2 to the REF3 to the REF5, each one has built upon the legacy of its predecessor as the most sought-after reference level line-stage preamplifier. The REF5 clearly redefines the state of the art at a price that is not inexpensive but represents extraordinary value. Like every Audio Research product, it is made by hand by craftspeople in our facility in Minnesota.


Audio Research SP16SP16 Pre-Amp from Audio Research is completely single-ended with five sets of inputs (labeled Phono, CD, Tuner, Video and Aux) plus a Processor pass-through. There are two sets of main outputs for flexibility, plus a Tape out. The SP16 has a 12-volt trigger to turn on power amplifiers or other equipment, and full remote control of all functions including power, input selection, stereo/mono, volume, and muting. The power cord is our standard removable IEC.


LS 17LS17 Line Stage Preamplifier from Audio Research. It is in the LS17's remarkable new level of performance that you will experience the biggest difference from its predecessor. Using two 6H30 twin triodes in the audio stage, the LS17 has a larger power transformer, redesigned power supply and new parts including proprietary output coupling caps. This gives the LS17 the stunning purity of sound first heard in the REF3 and in the more recent LS26. The family resemblance is undeniable, and convincing. The LS17 has an easy flow to its presentation, but it resolves musical and spatial information at a much higher level than the LS16 series was ever capable of. Instrument focus, soundstage clarity and bass definition are all vividly enhanced. Members of our listening panel agree that if the LS26 is the "REF3 Jr.," then the LS17 is surely the "Baby REF3." The pedigree is only too clear, and you will hear it immediately and without effort.


Audio Reaseach PH6 PH6 Phono Preamplifier from Audio Research. Hybrid tube/FET phono preamplifier with remote control. Features: Single ended outputs, Aluminum buttons under the display and silver handles. Gain 58 dB. Input impedance: Selectable 47K , 1000, 500, 200, or 100 ohms. Tube complement (2) 6H30


Audio Reaseach PH8 PH8 Phono Preamplifier from Audio Research. The PH8 benefits from a number of circuit and parts improvements derived from the award-winning REF Phono 2. Rather than using the four 6922s of its predecessor, the PH8 uses two 6H30 tubes along with special low-noise FETs; vacuum tube regulation incorporates a 6550 and a 6H30, as featured in the REF Phono 2 and REF5. Capacitors are all the same types as those used in the REF Phono 2, including the same coupling caps, and Teflon® caps used in both the RIAA stage and as bypass caps. There is also a new R-core transformer. Circuit board material is the same as in our Reference products.


PRE-Amplifiers Ayre Acoustics

Ayre's K-5xeMPK-5xeMP from Ayre Acoustics combines peerless musical performance with stunning visual design. The exclusive fully-balanced, zero-feedback circuitry renders music with vitality and life. Its custom-designed volume control is actuated by a silky smooth optical encoder, using FET switches and precision metal-film resistors to deliver absolute sonic transparency. The massive power transformer effortlessly provides startlingly real musical dynamics. The Ayre K-5xeMP will transport you to a new world of musical enjoyment.


PRE-Amplifiers Dynavector

Dynavector P-75P-75 Phono Pre-amplifier/ enhancer from Dynavector. The Dynavector P-75 Phono Stage is a unique entry level phono stage with several outstanding features that ensures the P-75 will out perform other phono stages costing considerably more then the P-75. * Suitable for all conventional stereo cartridges. * User friendly adjustments. No soldering or extra components required. * Patented Dynavector Phono Enhancing circuit. * Unique ultra low noise power supply.


PRE-Amplifiers Leben

Leben RS-28CXRS-28CX from Leben is equipped with the CR type equalizer based on GE 12AT7 authorized by J.A.N. (Joint Army & Navy) standard of US Army, and can reproduce a very high quality and clear sound without adding any NFB. Some of the finest available high-end audio components were selected for the RS28C to keep the deflection of the RIAA curve below +/-0.3%. Of course, the phono equalizer is only one of the strengths of the RS28C. Another notable feature is a very strong output voltage created by the Dual-Triode Tube 6CG7 of General Electric(USA) used for the line stage. Leben further selected the best quality tubes out of these and constructed a powerful SRPP type amplification which can supply power amplifiers with a maximum 80V of clean output signal.


PRE-Amplifiers Lehmann

Black Cube DecadeBlack Cube Decade from Lehmann is the current top model of the Black Cube series of phono stages. It was developed to fill the large performance gap between the company's own Black Cube SE and the Silver Cube (Lehmannsaudio's current reference phono stage). The input stages of the Decade can also be found in top notch mixing consoles and high class microphone preamps of professional studio electronics. The highly accurate, passive RIAA equalisation network is placed between two linear gain stages and uses precision MKP capacitors. This results in a very stable soundstage reproduction and pin point localisation of instruments. The maximum gain of 66dB is well enough for even very exotic low output MC cartridges. Impedance load adaption is practically infinite as with all Lehmannaudio phono stages: there is a free slot for a custom impedance so that every existing MC cartridge on the market can be loaded properly. Input capacitances are adjustable as well.


Pre-Amplifiers Musical Fidelity

M1ViNL Phono StageM1ViNL Phono Stage from Musical Fidelity is engineered to deliver a level of performance and versatility that an integrated amplifier's phono stage and indeed many dedicated rivals can only dream of. The M1 ViNL offers an extraordinary menu of loading options for users of both moving-magnet (MM) and moving-coil (MC) cartridges, meaning you can find the perfect set up for your system. Switchable RIAA and IEC EQs add further flexibility. The M1 ViNL even allows you to switch resistance, capacitance or equalisation curve while you're playing records so you can instantly hear the effect of each mode and more easily find the optimum settings for different cartridges and discs. A clear display and intuitive controls make the process simpler still.


PRE-Amplifiers Nagra

Nagra BPSBPS Phono Stage from Nagra. What's remarkable about the Nagra BPS phono stage is not its small size, although that's certainly attention-grabbing. Instead, it's the circuitry and well-considered features that are squeezed into this hand-sized chassis that make the BPS noteworthy. The BPS uses essentially the same circuit as Nagra's VPS phono stage, but it omits the VPS's tubes. Like the VPS, it uses custom Nagra step-up transformers to derive its gain -- 45 to 60dB, making it suitable for use with moving-coil cartridges. It runs on a nine-volt battery, although wall power is also an option.


Nagra PL-LPL-L Phono Stage from Nagra is a Pure Class A vacuum tube line pre-amplifier, based on the proven design concepts of the world-renowned PL-P and offering 4 inputs. It differs from the PL-P in that it does not have a phono front-end stage and is not equipped with the internal battery for total power isolation. The PL-L has a remote control allowing the different functions to be remotely selected and optimal balancing of the output transformers. The jewel-like machined anodized aluminum case features input source selection, balance and volume controls, as well as a precision modulometer for system level matching. The PL-L is designed to provide the highest quality audio performance in an ultra-high-resolution audio system.


Nagra VPSValve Phono Stage from Nagra is based on the design principles of the world acclaimed PL-P phono stage. Built in a traditional Nagra compact brushed aluminium case with identical dimensions to the preamplifiers and CD players, this dual input phono preamplifier is to be used in conjunction with a line preamplifier such as the Nagra PL-L. The VPS allows the listener to benefit from the true warmth of their vinyl record library using the outstanding performance of Nagra tube electronics.


PRE-Amplifiers Naim

NAC 252NAC 252 preamplifier from Naim idescends from the NAC 52 - still one of the finest preamplfiers ever manufactured. It brings both control and connectivity advances over the NAC 52, and a significantly enhanced construction, aesthetic and finish. Its performance, too, is enhanced with the benefit of a decade of R&D bringing yet more speed, detail, transparency and music.


SuperLineSuperLine Reference phono amplifier from Naim is a very high performance moving-coil phono amplifier built in the Naim aluminium reference enclosure with an anodised front and a power-coated cover. It brings all Naim's latest analogue electronic design and environmental isolation techniques to bear on the most delicate analogue element of any hi-fi system - the moving-coil phono signal.


PRE-Amplifiers Rega

Rega IOSIOS from Rega is a 'dual mono' discrete symmetrical pre-amplifier using a high performance transformer input stage. It has been primarily designed to match the Apheta, but with its selectable loading and gain it will easily match any other cartridge. The IOS combines the organic low noise 'gain' properties of the transformer and low noise high bandwidth discrete transistor circuitry. Housed in the Rega extruded aluminium case and fitted with full metal front panel it maybe our most complete product to date.


PRE-Amplifiers Shindo Laboratories

Shindo MassetoMasseto from Shindo Labs. The newest preamplifier from Ken Shindo. Falls right in between the Monbrison and Vosne-Romanee. Designed around a specially designed Telefunken LCP86 vacuum tube.


Giscours Pre-AmplifierGiscours Pre-Amplifier from Shindo Laboratories. The new Giscours has finally arrived. Eighteen years after its original release in 1986, Ken Shindo has taken his design to a new level. Features include new old stock Western Electric 349A's in the linestage, amorphous core MC step up transformers, dual mono design, twin tube rectification, output transformers, and a complete new chassis concept.


Vosne-Romanee Pre-AmpVosne-Romanee Pre-Amplifier from Shindo Laboratories. Designed around the Siemens C3m valve and utilizing custom designed and wound output transformers. The Vosne-Romanee is just unbelievably textured, nuanced and full of finesse like the fine wine its named after.


Aurieges Stereo Pre-AmplifierAurieges Stereo Pre-Amplifier - L from Shindo Laboratories. The Aurieges is the entry Shindo pre-amplifier. Shindo does not sacrifice at all when making lower cost products. The Aurieges features a outboard power supply and is tube rectified like all the upper model Shindo pre-amps. Features a moving magnet phono stage that works with any quality cartridge. Just like its bigger brothers, the Aurieges will transport you to the concert hall.


Shindo Monbrison PreampMonbrison Stereo Pre-Amplifier from Shindo Laboratories. The Monbrison is the top of the range stereo chassis pre-amplifier. Full function with moving magnet and moving coil inputs. Moving coil gain is accomplished via amorphous core internal step up transformers. Like all Shindo pre-amplifiers the Monbrison uses vacuum tube power supply rectification. The Monbrison is just a stones throw from the flagship Shindo pre-amplifiers and an incredible value compared to the competition. Hand made, one at a time, with all point to point wiring. True high performance.


Integrated Amplifiers

Integrated Amplifiers Acoustic Plan

SitarSitar from Acoustic Plan is a hybrid integrated amplifier that joins together the essential merits of the pre- and power amplifier into one compact component. Many years of experience in developing amplifiers contribute to the excellent sound quality. No expense was spared on this integrated amplifier; for example, the casing - like those of pre- and power amplifiers - consists of single precision-engineered aluminium plates. Critical components such as the potentiometer and rotary switches are composed of top quality materials. This development was carried out without any output relays.


Integrated Amplifiers Audio Research

VSi60VSi60 from Audio Research clearly proves that you do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy truly great sound at home. Built by hand in Plymouth, Minnesota, to the same exacting standards as our renowned Reference series, the VSi60 offers remarkable sound quality and value. Its rated output of 50 watts per channel does not convey the VSi60's ability to drive power-hungry, low-impedance loudspeakers. We designed the VSi60 with the finest full-range speakers, not compact monitors. Dynamics are lifelike with a sense of ease normally associated with larger amplifiers. Yes, its resolving power is surprising, allowing you to hear details that were previously hidden in your recordings, but that resolution is in service of the music grainless, tonally accurate and refined.


Integrated Amplifiers Ayre Acoustics

Ayre AX-7eAX-7e Integrated Amp from Ayre combines sophisticated control functions with a dynamic output section in a single sleek chassis. But don't let its compact size fool you -- it delivers all of music's drama and excitement, employing the same exclusive zero-feedback design found in our reference products. Extremely flexible, the AX-7 offers true balanced inputs and full remote control capabilities. Its custom-designed volume control features FET switches and precision metal-film resistors to ensure total purity of sound. The Ayre AX-7 removes the last veil between you and music's magic.


Integrated Amplifiers Leben

Leben CS-600 AmplifierHi-Fi CS-600 Integrated Amplifier from Leben. Offering a wide-ranged and flat frequency response upto 100KHz prepares the amplifier for future digital audio formats and current ones like SACD .


Leben CS-300X AmplifierHi-Fi CS-300X "Limited" Integrated Amplifier from Leben. The CS-300X is equipped with English finnest Tube EL-84 produced by "MULLARD", which is well known for high sound quality against its small size. A high input sensitivity of EL84 does not require a complicated circuit and accordingly, it can create a low distortion output signal.


Integrated Amplifiers LM Audio

LM Audio 210IA 210IA from LM Audio. LM Audio 210IA 300B SET integrated amplifier. 8 watts single ended. Remote controlled. Bias adjustable with built in meter. Power output meter. Negative feedback switchable. Point to point wiring used throughout. 4, 8 and 16 ohm output taps. Negative feedback adjustable and defeatable. Comes with a tube cage.


Integrated Amplifiers Musical Fidelity

M6-iM6 500i from Musical Fidelity is a separate preamp with two monobloc power amps sharing a common chassis. Each has its own heat sink and separate transformer. Genuinely dual mono. The preamp has its own separate power supply winding. The preamp input sockets are connected directly to the main preamp PCB. There are no wire connections from the inputs to the preamp. Consequently, PCB tracks are very short. This elegant idea ensures that both channels signals are ultra low impedance from the instant they get into the amplifier. This is a significant detail. Each channel has twelve big bipolar transistors. 200 amps peak to peak is easily available. The metalwork is high quality. The front panel is a custom made fine line extrusion of milspec aluminium. The custom made heat sinks have outstanding dissipation characteristic and finish. The M6 500i construction has the feeling of solidity and quality.


M6-iM6-i from Musical Fidelity is designed to give great sonic and technical performance. Its design and build quality are excellent. Internally the M6i is actually a separate preamp with two monobloc power amps. The M6i has one huge mains transformer which gives entirely separate outputs for left and right power amps and preamps. Even though the M6i is a one box solution it's actually a set of discreet monobloc power amps with a separate preamp in one sleek package. Due to its excellent practical linearity, low distortion and excellent load driving ability the M6i can be paired with any loudspeaker. It's extremely quiet so high sensitivity loudspeakers are fine but at the same time it's very powerful so lower sensitivity speakers present no problem. The M6i's sound is calm and unruffled. Huge dynamics are delivered with ease. Quiet passages are sweet and warm. The overall picture the M6i delivers is natural and uncoloured.


Integrated Amplifiers Naim

NAIT 5iNAIT 5i Integrated Amp from Naim is the latest iteration of Naim's fabled entry-level amplifier bringing enhanced performance and usability over its highly regarded predecessor. The most noticeable change is perhaps the addition of a convenient iPod/MP3 player input on its front panel. The NAIT 5i naturally forms a wholly synergistic partner for the CD5i CD player. Together they provide the perfect and most cost-effective introduction to Naim system ownership.


SUPERNAITSUPERNAIT Integrated Amp from Naim is not just a superbly musical amplifier; it's an analogue and digital audio control and connection hub that just happens to have some of the world's best audio amplification attached. SUPERNAIT's preamplifier section is directly descended from Naim's superlative reference series preamplifiers, and its power amplifier incorporates all the techniques and know-how that give voice to the traditional Naim qualities of rhythmic musicality.